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Great offer from Kate Eaton from Healthy Detox Plus

15 Dec 2016

Healthy Detox Plus

Kate Eaton, The founder of Healthy Detox Plus is very generously offering support to people who are supported by Yes to Life. She is offering huge discounts on her 18 week Healthy Boot Camp which is supported throughout by her personally; a complete Omega plan; and a diagnostic test (with a hair sample) to identify and measure food intolerances and allergies, vitamin and mineral deficiences, hydration, gut flora, digestion and PH levels within the body. 

Kate has advanced Chrohn's disease for which there is not cure but by following the principles she teaches others she has recovered and has achieved long-term remission for over 6 years.  She also supported her Mum who was diagnosed with breast cancer which progressed to secondaries in her liver and lung.

For more information about the discounts and how to sign up please contact us in the office on 0203 222 0587 or by emailing


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