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Time to have some fun - join us in April for our Laughter Workshop

15 Feb 2017
Laughter Yoga Workshop

Get ready to boost your immune system and give your good mood a real turn on. The Laughter Yoga Workshop will take you through ways to access your joyful and playful side even when you face challenges in your life. Laughter may not feel natural but Laughter Yoga provides a basis for creating a more positive outlook regardless of what life throws at you.

Laughter Yoga is a combination of playful laughter and deep breathing techniques as used in yoga. So there are NO yoga exercises as such except for breathing.

Laughing does not mean the problems disappear, but you put yourself in a frame of mind where things seem easier and a laugh shared is a problem halved.

We will be holding the workshop in the beautiful new studio opened recently by the charity Hello Beautiful run by the amazing Jane Hutchinson who was diagnosed with breast cancer at 35 years of age. Jane and Kevin her buddy have now created a support network for people that have been affected by cancer. The Foundation speaks openly about Non-Toxic Practice and how to live sustainably. Its great to be working with them and so excited to be using their new place.

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