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Tour of a Linseed Farm, inspirational talks and a delicious organic lunch

27 Apr 2017

Saturday 10th June

Linseed Farm - Muntham House, Muntham, Horsham 

10.30 am - 4.00 pm

Come and join us for a fun and informative day, starting with a fascinating tour around the linseed farm. From growing to the final product, Durwin will demonstrate the whole process and then talk about the benefits of Linseed oil.

You will also hear from two inspirational people, Pete Cohen and Suzann Clements - see below.

Pete Cohen 

‘The magnificent journey to health, happiness and wellbeing’. Pete is an inspiring life coach and an expert at supporting people through challenging times.

Suzan Clements - Author of Magical Healing Beliefs and breast cancer survivor

Following her diagnosis, Suzan followed the Budwig nutritional programme but soon discovered that healing from cancer involved much more than nutrition. Almost 6 years on she is healthier than she has ever been and possibly a lot wiser. She has gently nurtured her body, mind and spirit back to healthSuzan will share her personal story.

Durwin Banks ‘From Seed to Oil’ 

Join Durwin on a trip around the farm followed by a demonstration of turning seed to oil. Durwin grows linseed/flax in all its forms and supplies direct to individuals across the country. It’s hard to imagine a more fundamental building block for life.

We would love to welcome you and why not ask your friends, carers and family to join you.  There is an option to buy a group ticket.

Click here for tickets.  Early bird now available

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