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Starting the Conversation - Annual Conference details and tickets now available

13 Sep 2017
Annual Conference Nov 2017

Starting the Conversation - exploring ways in which integrating conventional and complementary cancer care can improve outcomes 

For far too long, cancer patients have been caught in the crossfire between conventional cancer care and other approaches. The crucial question the person with cancer has concerning any approach is ‘could this help me?’. In most instances, they have little or no interest in the long running and hard-fought battle they find themselves inadvertently caught up in.

Patient-centred care and patient choice have been health policy priorities of successive governments for decades. Patient-centred care actually means looking at care from a patient’s point of view. Patient choice is an anathema to practitioners’ intent on zealously promoting their own agenda and discrediting all other options.

The first step towards ending any hostility is dialogue. No dialogue means no progress. Disrespect for others’ viewpoints encourages conspiracy theories, suspicion, fear and even hatred. If we are to end hostilities - and for the sake of the unfortunate people that all practitioners claim to care about, people with cancer, this is imperative - we desperately need dialogue. We must begin talking about combining forces to make some genuine progress in turning the tide of cancer in the UK and in improving the all too frequently appalling experience of mainstream cancer care. We must begin talking about integration as the route to both patient-centred care and patient choice.

We have to find a way of Starting the Conversation.

Find out more about the array of incredible speakers we have and more to announce shortly. Click the link below:


More about the event, speakers and how to book your ticket here

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