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Welcome to 2018

5 Jan 2018
Welcome to 2018

The year of change - we are hopeful and excited.  There was definitely a shift change in perception across a range of people, areas, organisations last year about how we should be looking at helping support people with cancer and empowering them to be in the driving seat.  Sadly there are still too many frustrating accounts of people within the NHS Oncology Departments not listening to their patients and in some cases being down right rude.  We have also been frustrated by the mis-information about sugar and cancer.  It's time for us to do something about it so watch this space - we will be publishing an evidence based piece of work soon.  

The Cancer Revolution - our book has now sold out from it's first print run which is amazing - thanks to everyone who bought a copy and who helped us spread the word.  We have another 2,000 arriving in the UK shortly and will be doing another promotional campaign.  We would love it if everyone with a cancer diagnosis had a copy. 

We are working on finalising our events programme for next year so watch this space as we have some exciting things taking place; some of our regular workshops which people like to join and some new things as well - we hope you will come and try some of them out.  We will also be having a number of evening talks across subjects which you have said you would like more info about and also where we have picked up that people are very confused about what is on the internet, news etc.  

We will be launching a new website, a short film about what we do and who we are with the aim of getting our message out there to more and more people.  Help us continue to spread the word.

Here's to an exciting 2018


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