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Personalised Medicine: How Precision Medicine is Changing Cancer Therapy

15 Mar 2018
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Precision Medicine is radically changing the way cancer therapy is planned for and delivered to millions of people around the globe. It is at the forefront of science and its results so far have been nothing short of astounding.

This event brings together some of the most renowned, experienced and inspirational scientists in the field. Their research and expertise has mapped the customisation of healthcare in cancer, allowing thousands of patients to benefit from medical decisions, treatments, practices and products that relate to their individual makeup. Unprecedented levels of wellness have, thus, been achieved, making personalised medicine the obvious choice of 21st century cancer care.

The Event takes place on Sat 24 March 2018 - 13:45 – 17:40 GMT at The Holiday Inn, Regents Park.  Click here to get your ticket:

If you are a beneficiary of Yes to Life, please contact us on; or on 0203 222 0587 for a discount code. 


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