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A source of well-being and inspiration for people with cancer - discount for retreat

14 Feb 2019
Puyssentut Retreats


Based in South West France, Puyssentut runs a Restore and Revitalise retreat which provides space for people with cancer  to rest and relax, reconnect with themselves and regain focus and energy.

During a retreat they will offer you daily yoga, meditation and relaxation sessions, up to three complementary treatments during the course of the week, the opportunity to speak with a counsellor and participation in ‘playshops’, informal talks and our group sessions.

Although they provide a daily programme none of it is obligatory. Angela who created Puyssentut understands the needs of those with cancer.  She says:

"We believe it is really important for you to be able to take back some control of your life and that is why we leave it entirely up to you to choose what you would like to participate in, and there is absolutely no problem if you opt to simply sit in the garden, read a book or go for a walk."

She is also hugely supportive of the work we do at Yes to Life and is offering a discount of €200 of a full retreat price.  

Have a peak at the chateau where you will stay and read about the teachers and therapists who work there.  Some of them you might already know.


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