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Move Three Sixty Film Nights

Move Three Sixty is the ultimate holistic health and fitness solution based in London. They encompass all aspects of life - physical, mental and chemical (nutritional) with services including; Deep Tissue/Sports Massage, Indian Head Massage, Pregnancy, Personal Training, HIIT Classes, Clinical Nutrition and much more.

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Move Three Sixty are great supporters of Yes to Life and run film nights to raise awareness on health issues and raise money for us at the same time. 

They also offer a special discount to beneficiaries of Yes to Life. Get in touch with Hannah Richards at Move Three Sixty for more information (0207 624 4194).

Past Events


'Unacceptable Levels' Film Screening

Wednesday 28th January - 7pm - 9pm

MoveThreeSixty, 8 Canfield Place, London, NW6 3BT

Unacceptable Levels examines the results of the chemical revolution of the 1940s through the eyes of Ed Brown, a father seeking to understand the world in which he and his wife are raising their children. Weaving the testimonies of top minds from the fields of science, advocacy, and law, Brown presents us with the story of how the chemical revolution brought us to where we are, and of where, if we’re not vigilant, it may take us.

The film opens conversations about the chemical burden our bodies carry and poses challenges to companies, government, and society to do something about a nearly-unseen threat with the inspired knowledge that small changes can generate a massive impact.


Statin Nation showing at Move 360
Statin Nation showing at Move 360

'Statin Nation' Film Screening

Everywhere we look we are told that high cholesterol levels cause heart disease. Millions of people who consider themselves to be healthy are being  told that they have 'high' cholesterol and they need to take cholesterol-lowering drugs every day for the rest of their lives. Millions more people are avoiding foods that contain saturated fat and cholesterol.

Statin Nations provides unequivocal evidence to show that the idea cholesterol causes heart disease is false. We have been made to worry about cholesterol for the sole purpose of sustaining a cholesterol-lowering industry that generates at least £18 billion each year.

Generously hosted by Move Three Sixty on Feb 9th 2013

Ticket donations go to Yes to Life!

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