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Children and Teenagers

Welcome to our section for young people under 18. With childhood and teenage cancer problems unfortunately on the rise, it is more important than ever for parents and their children to have access to specialist resources. Listed below are links to resources to help you get the information and support you need.

This section of the website has been developed thanks to the initiative of Tamzin Pinkerton, whose daughter Meli was diagnosed with leukaemia. Tamzin identified the lack of resources for children and parents in the field of Complementary & Alternative Medicine.

We are always aiming to add to these resources. We would very much appreciate any ideas or links to support organisations you think young people and their carers could benefit from. You can contact the office by clicking here.

Below, on this page, you will find links to general resources for under 18s, as well as links to pages exclusively for children and teens.

Please note that the views expressed and advice given come from external sources. They are provided for information purposes only. Unless otherwise noted, they should not be interpreted as the official position of Yes to Life, its members, support staff, or sponsors.

General Resources for Young People

The Rainbow Centre for Children

This well-known centre in Bristol provides free and professional support to children and their families through innovative therapies, such as art and play therapy, massage, and counselling. Their holistic philosophy aims to restore physical and emotional balance, and so treat the whole person.

Kids Integrated Cancer Treatment

This innovative organisation provides financial support and advice for families to enable them to access wellness products, organic nutrition, and medical treatments abroad that are unavailable in the UK. They can help with specialist integrated cancer consultations and their website has examples of children that are currently benefitting from their support.

Post Pals

Created by a teenage girl with ME, this brilliant website creates opportunities for anyone to mail a child who is seriously ill and in need of a 'lift'. Watch this video to see how it works.

Rainbow Trust

Rainbow Trust provide practical and emotional support to families who have a child with a life-threatening or terminal illness. This includes the provision of two respite houses in Surrey and Northumberland to give families a break. Support in hospital and at home is also provided, along with the possibility of taking siblings out for the day. The website includes case studies of families who have been helped by the Trust.

CLIC Sargent

This is the UK's leading children's cancer care charity. They offer financial and care support during and after treatment, both in hospital and at home. They also have an anonymous helpline with trained staff providing emotional support and practical information.

Sam n Sarah's Place

This is a networking site for 'teens and tweens' affected by cancer. It provides a lively space for mutual support and the exchanging of all kinds of ideas. Now operating via Twitter - @SamnSarahsPlace.

Kids Cancer Network

This site aims to provide 'a dose of hope' to kids and their families struggling with cancer and the site has some fun activities for younger children, as well as the opportunity for everyone to post comments, thoughts, poems and so on. There are also links to other organisation and resources.

Amy's Retreat

Amy's Retreat is a charity based in Sheffield, providing holidays/respite breaks for families affected by childhood cancer. It is named after Amy Hall, who passed away aged 5 in 2000.

The Holly Eatwell Trust

An integrative cancer charity set up in 2011 to support people 25 and under with information on nutrition, loan of juicers and funding for Cancer Options consultations.

Heads High

Heads High hats with hair are an exciting new hair replacement system designed especially for cancer sufferers. Their caps are cool and comfortable on sensative skin and are a great alternative to itchy, uncomfortable wigs.
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