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Cambridge Cancer Help Centre

Offering support to anyone with cancer (or other chronic or life-threatening conditions) and their families, carers and friends.

The atmosphere is warm, friendly and informal and everyone is welcome to drop in whether for a cup of tea and a chat or for something more ..

  • They offer a range of complementary therapies from qualified therapists. Individual counselling is also available.
  • They have thriving art, craft and nutrition groups and organise regular social activities.
  • Information is available from a well-stocked library of books and pamphlets and there are support groups for those with specific cancers.
  • The Macmillan HOPE course and the Expert Patient Programme are designed to help you manage your condition. Each is run several times throughout the year.

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A new and independent charity that aims to help people increase their personal odds of beating cancer. To achieve this they believe in empowering people to  understand the possible causes, and to build effective integrated therapy programmes, using well-researched, Complementary and Alternative therapies not merely Orthodox ones the best of the best.

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Cancer Counselling Trust

The Cancer Counselling Trust

Although, after over 10 years of activity, The Cancer Counselling Trust had to close in August 2010 and is no longer able to offer national free counselling sessions to patients and those close to them, many of its team of experienced psychotherapists and counsellors continue to offer specialist support to individuals and couples. For information and contact details, as well as a number of useful articles and links, please Google The Cancer Counselling Trust or

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Cancer Haircare

Cancer Hair Care is a UK charity offering expert support about hair loss and hair care before, during and after cancer treatment. As well as a helpful website they offer telephone support service and face to face services.

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Cancer Healing and Research Trust (CHART)

CHART has developed a unique online medical research platform that allows people with cancer who are using natural therapies to contribute in building a resource which benefits everyone with cancer. 

For a short video introduction please click here.

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Complementary Medical Association

The Complementary Medical Association is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the very highest standards of complementary medicine and natural healthcare.  Complementary Medical Association Members are recognised as leaders in the field.

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Coppafeel are on a mission to stamp out late detection of breast cancer. They ensure that you know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, know what your boobs look and feel like normally, check your boobs regularly throughout your lifetime and have the confidence to see a doctor if you notice anything that doesn’t feel right for you.


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Ellie's friends

Ellie's Friends

Ellie’s Friends is an online platform that enables adults living with cancer to access free and discounted services or products in their area. Thier goal is to give adults living with cancer the opportunity to enjoy life, not just survive it!

These pick-me-ups can be absolutely anything, from massages to free tickets to a comedy show or the use of a holiday home. Ellie's Friends was set up in memory of Ellie Jeffery, who died of secondary breast cancer aged 29. 

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Maggies Centres

Maggie's Centres

The aim of Maggie's Centres is to help people with cancer to be as healthy in mind and body as possible and enable them to make their own contribution to their medical treatment and recovery.

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New Approaches to Cancer

New Approaches to Cancer is an organisation that was started by a group of four colleagues, two doctors and two healers back in 1969. These innovators felt it was important to share with as many people as possible the positive experience of using ’Gentle Therapies’; these, combined with supportive counselling, self help groups and dietary advice could make a real difference to people going through the experience of cancer. Today we are a national registered charity that provides a nationwide information service that is easily accessible and free to all.

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Odyssey is a charity which enhances the quality of life for people with cancer through imaginative programmes of challenging and dramatic activities using the outdoors. In its present form the programme is five days long and currently runs eight times per year.

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Paul's Cancer Support Centre

Established in 1983, Paul's Cancer Support Centre is a registered charity that helps anyone who has been affected by cancer.

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PDT Norfolk

The PDT Norfolk charity was founded in May 2012 and exists to campaign for a particular form of cancer therapy, Photodynamic Therapy (PDT). This therapy has been established across various parts of the UK as well as across the world. It has shown itself to be cost effective as well as less invasive therapy to some other options.

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Penny Brohn 2017

Penny Brohn Centre

Pioneers in the Bristol Approach to complementary cancer care, the Centre offers specialist services including complementary therapies, nutritional advice, and counselling. Their experienced team includes nurses, doctors, and registered therapists providing complementary support within a holistic approach to cancer care.

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Pure Helps to Cure

In December 2007 Charlotte Crowl was diagnosed with lymphoblastic lymphoma ast the age of 17. She was on treatment for nearly 2 and a half years and faced many serious side effects. She set up Pure Helps To Cure raises awareness of natural cures, health, fitness and mindset tips.

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Rainbow Valley

Rainbow Valley

Rainbow Valley is committed to encouraging people of all ages living with or affected by cancer, including family and friends, the opportunity to make choices about their health, the disease and its effects.

The charity is aiming to raise money to build a centre for for people dedicated to exploring the options available of various holistic therapies, both innovative and established, which would complement hospital treatments. A team of experienced health professionals will be available to support people in their life style choices.

"There is much work to be done over the next few years in order that we can break ground and begin to build the Rainbow Valley facility" says founder Angela MacVicar.

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Star Throwers

Star Throwers is a charity dedicated to supporting people affected by cancer, and in particular those who have been given no options other than orthodox. They have an experienced cancer specialist who offers FREE consultations on all aspects of cancer, for both patients and carers and from diagnosis to treatment to management. They also have complementary therapists who offer various therapies that focus on a patient's wellbeing.

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Together against cancer

Together Against Cancer

The organisation has been driven by the challenges of providing grants, aid, and support to the victims of cancer.  Working with support groups for cancer patients is a vital part of their treatment and rehabilitation.  Our efforts will continue to be aimed at making these support groups available.  Also, providing educational, emotional, financial, and spiritual support will continue to be at the core of our programs.

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There are more than 100,000 young adults living with cancer in the UK today. They lack support because little is known about the challenges they face and few services are dedicated to them. 

Trekstock is committed to understanding and supporting their needs, so that no young adult has to face cancer alone.

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Youth Cancer Trust

Youth Cancer Trust 

The Youth Cancer Trust provides support and free activity holidays for young people (aged 14 to 30) diagnosed and living with cancer or any malignant disease, from anywhere in the UK and the Irish Republic, or who are patients of any UK hospital.

Holidays are also available for young people who have been in remission for up to five years or who are living with the late effects of having had cancer as a teenager or young adult. If you have any queries about our services, please telephone 01202 763591.

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