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Please note that the views expressed and advice given come from external sources. They are provided for information purposes only. Unless otherwise noted, they should not be interpreted as the official position of Yes to Life, its members, support staff, or sponsors.


A comprehensive website with many high quality specialised 'nutriceuticals'.

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Body Vibrant 

Body Vibrant is a clinc offering Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy; Colon Hydrotherapy; Coffee Enemas; Ozone Therapy and Far Infrared Saunas.  To find out more contact:

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Clouds Trust

Clouds Trust is a charity based in Liss, Hampshire, which is devoted to the complementary care of those who have been diagnosed with cancer, through the distribution of The Rene Caisse Herbal Tea (also known as essiac), and related products.

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Managing, coping with hair loss has got a whole lot easier with the launch of Esteem – a new hair loss consultancy and studio for women with Alopecia, Cancer and other hair loss conditions in the UK. Esteem has designed holistic solutions and wrap-around services and provides a comprehensive range of hair systems, wigs, skin, make up and wellbeing solutions to overcome the physical and emotional challenges of cancer related hair loss. Access these services in studio London W1 or request a home consultation with Esteem.

Clients registered with Yes to Life charity will receive 10% discount on all products and services.

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Firzone are suppliers of portable home saunas which are being purchased by many people with cancer for their remarkable supportive and detoxifying properties and to provide a form of home hyperthermia.

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Get Fitt Global - Far Infrared Sauna specialist

Since 2004 Get Fitt have been privileged to work with leading doctors, clinics and healthcare professionals. Our speciality is formulating and suporting client's  Far Infrared detoxification programmes using Far Infrared Light Therapy. This gives everyone the opportunity to benefit from Far Infrared Treatment in the comfort and privacy of their own home, with worldwide telephone, email and skype support.

Also we have special schemes for those who are financially challenged.

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Green 8 Bioprotective Systems

Green 8 BioProtective Systems offer protection from electro-pollution caused by mobile phones, wifi networks etc.

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HIfas da Terra

Hifas da Terra

Mushrooms stand out for their nutritional and biochemical value to complement and enhance your health and wellbeing. Rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, but also β-glucans, they are an amazing source of health.

We focus on nutrition as the key to improve your wellbeing, whether it is to complement the treatment of certain pathologies or to solve functional disorders.

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Hip Head Wear

Comfortable and stylish head wear designed especially for women affected by medical hair loss.

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Inlight Organic Skin Care

Inlight organic skin care is a rare mark of integrity that actively and naturally preserves the health and beauty of your skin. Flourishing in the green land of southern Cornwall, a magical and protected land where the memory of ancient alchemy still lingers and where nature itself is still uncontaminated and fertile, Inlight is much more than just ingredients in a jar. Completely plant-based and totally organic, with nothing synthetic, no alcohol, not even water Inlight is the answer for sensitive and dry skin. Formulated by Dr Mariano Spiezia – medical doctor, homeopath and herbalist – Inlight products are designed to cleanse, nourish and support your skin naturally boosting its health and helping it regaining its own natural balance.

"We believe in supporting people who support, because ultimately we are all ONE. We value Yes to Life for their genuine dedication and the ongoing emotional and professional support they give to those in great need".

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Medical Thermal Imaging

Thermal Medical Imagery is undertaken by Medscans who carry out thermograms across the country. The value of thermography as a screening tool is the non-invasive nature of the test and the unique ability to accurately measure skin temperature changes. 

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Nikken is one of the largest and most renowned international Wellness companies in the world with a unique range of proven and patented health technologies including water and air filteration systems and advanced magnetics products.

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Nu Vitality Products

Developed with over 30 years of research, LifeMel honey is proven in a number of cases to boost immunity before, during and after chemotherapy. For many, the side effects of this cancer treatment can be devastating; however, LifeMel can offer significant support.

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The Quartz Phone Shield

Suppliers of Phoneshield and Compushield, devices designed to provide protection from mobile phone and wifi radiation. Phoneshield offer 10% of sales to Yes to Life - please quote Y2l08 when ordering.

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Really Healthy Company

Really Healthy Co

BioBran, Prostasol, Imupros, Curcumin and other specialist products.

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Revive Therapeutics

Founded by Helen Roach, Revive Therapeutics operates from a clinic in North West London and offers a selection of oncology treatments, along with standard beauty therapy and nutrition consultations.

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