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logo3 Apr 2017
Healing with Painting and Colour
Healing with painting and playing with colour In this workshop we will experiment with a variety of materials such as acrylic paint, oil pastels, colouring pens and collages to explore our body's innate healing capacity. We will use shamanic journeying and you will need a scarf or other cover for your eyes. This will be an opportunity for everyone to explore, play, experiment and have fun. No previous painting or creative experience is necessary. [Read More]

logo15 Feb 2017
Time to have some fun - join us in April for our Laughter Workshop
Get ready to boost your immune system and give your good mood a real turn on. The Laughter Yoga Workshop will take you through ways to access your joyful and playful side even when you face challenges in your life. Laughter may not feel natural but Laughter Yoga provides a basis for creating a more positive outlook regardless of what life throws at you. [Read More]

logo13 Feb 2017
IPW chooses Yes to Life as their charity to support in 2017
The Institute of Professional Willwriters has chosen Yes to Life as their nominated charity for 2017.  After we helped a young lady beyond expectation known to the IPW, they have chosen to help us spread the word and to give the charity exposure in their newsletters so that people can think about supporting Yes to Life when they consider their wills. [Read More]

logo25 Jan 2017
Video of conference now available
'Charging down the wrong path' - Is cancer a metabolic, epigenetic disease? Videos of all the speakers at the Yes to LIfe November conference are now available to purchase as a download. You can purchase each speaker separately for £7 or the whole conference as a bundle at £35. [Read More]

logo15 Dec 2016
Great offer from Kate Eaton from Healthy Detox Plus
Kate Eaton, The founder of Healthy Detox Plus is very generously offering support to people who are supported by Yes to Life. She is offering huge discounts on her 18 week Healthy Boot Camp which is supported throughout by her personally; a complete Omega plan; and a diagnostic test (with a hair sample) to identify and measure food intolerances and allergies, vitamin and mineral deficiences, hydration, gut flora, digestion and PH levels within the body.  [Read More]

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Healing with Painting and Colour... [Read more]

Time to have some fun - join us in April for our Laughter Workshop... [Read more]

IPW chooses Yes to Life as their charity to support in 2017... [Read more]

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