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logo15 Mar 2018
Personalised Medicine: How Precision Medicine is Changing Cancer Therapy
Precision Medicine is radically changing the way cancer therapy is planned for and delivered to millions of people around the globe. It is at the forefront of science and its results so far have been nothing short of astounding. [Read More]

logo7 Mar 2018
Heather Wadlow raising money for her Mum and Yes to Life
Kate Wadlow is an incredible woman faced with a harsh reality about treatment for her cancer.  Her daughters will be cycling 500 km in Sri Lanka to raise money for their Mum to get the support she needs and for Yes to Life.  [Read More]

logo2 Feb 2018
Have you prepared for the future?
Have you prepared for the future? Our first event is all about wills. Are you interested in making one but daunted by the process? Do you know how to set up a lasting power of attorney? This free event in aid of Free Wills Month is designed especially for people with cancer to take you through the process in an easy to understand way.  [Read More]

logo2 Feb 2018
Let's talk cannabis
Let's talk cannabis... With the laws for medical marijuana rapidly changing around the world, it's hard to keep up with the latest research and policies. With more and more evidence supporting the positive effects of cannabis for people with chronic illnesses like cancer, we need to start talking about it... [Read More]

logo5 Jan 2018
Welcome to 2018
The year of change - we are hopeful and excited.  There was definitely a shift change in perception across a range of people, areas, organisations last year about how we should be looking at helping support people with cancer and empowering them to be in the driving seat.  Sadly there are still too many frustrating accounts of people within the NHS Oncology Departments not listening to their patients and in some cases being down right rude.  We have also been frustrated by the mis-information about sugar and cancer.  It's time for us to do something about it so watch this space - we will be publishing an evidence based piece of work soon.   [Read More]

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Personalised Medicine: How Precision Medicine is Changing Cancer Therapy... [Read more]

Heather Wadlow raising money for her Mum and Yes to Life... [Read more]

Have you prepared for the future?... [Read more]

Let's talk cannabis... [Read more]

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