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Amelia's Miracle - Fundraising for Yes to Life


Amelia was a beautiful, intelligent and caring little girl who, at the end of January 2012, went for an hospital appointment with her parents that would change all their lives forever.

'The news that your child has cancer could be described as like being stabbed in the heart, as your world sinks. The news that the cancer was terminal turned our world into a place we felt we no longer wanted to be.’

And yet, through their time in hospital, through brain surgery, and the news that they would be taking her home for her final days, Amelia and her family eventually decided they would not give up without a fight.

'Amelia's Miracle' was born and thousands of people raised money and awareness of Amelia's condition so that her family could take her for some experimental treatment in Houston, Texas. They flew there in late March 2012 and began the treatment fairly soon after.

Amelia continued to touch the hearts of everyone around her. ‘Her bravery and determination to live a normal life rubbed off on all of us, and we smiled as she smiled, making sure her world was as perfect as we could make it.’

After 11 months of determination, Amelia finally lost her fight on 6th January 2013 surrounded by her family. On the 12th January Winchester Cathedral filled with people coming to pay their respects and say their goodbyes, wearing splashes of Amelia’s favourite colour; pink.

The money raised for Amelia’s treatment continues to help others in the UK access integrative care for cancer through Yes to Life.

Amelia's father Richard has also written a book to tell the story to as many people as possible, at the same time raising money for research into paediatric brain tumours. To order the book, please click here. 

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