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Yes to Life Practitioners Supporter Scheme

If you are a practitioner, it's very simple. You give us a monthly donation towards our funding award scheme and we give you increased exposure in our engaged and growing community. This could involve blogging, co-hosting events or being interviewed by Robin Daly on UK Health Radio.

You will also have the knowledge that you are helping us support the increasing amount of people with cancer in the UK who are coming to us for help.

To find out more, please get in touch.

January 2018 - we welcome our new practitioner supporter 

Practitioner Scheme Supporters 

Etienne Callebout
Etienne Callebout

Dr Etienne Callebout

Dr Callebout, who is based in London, uses numerous herbs, nutritional supplements, enzymes, and substances uniquely tailored to fight cancer, along with a detoxification regime, an overhaul of the patient's diet, and psychological healing strategies. He alternates protocols so that the malignancy gets hit from different angles at different times.

He may use aloe vera, MGN-3 sachets, bovine cartilage, dmso, Wobe-Mugos and other enzymes, glandulars, green tea, Iscador, flaxseed oil, Maitake, vaccines, shark cartilage, and other homeopathic and herbal remedies.

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Dr Rajendra Sharma

Dr Sharma has 30 years of experience as an Integrated Medical Doctor utilizing conventional, complementary and more recently Functional medicine. He has established practices off Harley Street, London and covers the South West of England from his practice in Exeter, Devon.

He has a special interest in working with chronic disease and diagnosis of its underlying causes. Dr Sharma is not an oncologist but he maintains an interest in the myriad causes of cancer and the many associations with environment, life-style, exercise, diet and nutrition. He is trained in ecological health screening, investigating metal toxicity (amalgams), mitochondrial function and its association with the metabolic theory of cancer and chronic disease.

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