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Tami's Wish - Fundraising for Yes to Life

Tami's Wish - Supporting Yes to Life
Tami Brown
Tami Brown

Tami Brown, an inspirational young woman from Swindon in Wiltshire, England, set up Tami’s Wish to help people.  Tami wanted to help spread the message that not only are there other ways to support people with cancer out there, as well as orthodox medicine, but also a bigger message about embracing life in all it’s glory and making every second count.

You can read Tami’s full story here, but after being diagnosed as ’terminal’ in April 2010, she was told she had 6 months to live. Undeterred she embarked on alternative therapies, like megadose vitamin C therapy and changing her diet to incorporate juicing. Tami lived over 2 years longer than doctors predicted, something she puts down to this approach, the love and support of her friends and family and her positive outlook on life. Tami sadly passed away on 29th July 2012, at peace, and surrounded by her close family and boyfriend.

Tami’s Wish is now running to provide information about Tami’s journey, and about the group of Tami’s Angels running fundraising events to raise money for the two charities that meant the most to Tami. The Prospect Hospice really helped Tami in the last month of her life, and so you can donate via Tami’s 50p poem page to them. Also Yes To Life provided a service to allow Tami to fundraise to pay for her alternative therapies.

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