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Team Bryant - Fundraising for Yes to Life


Team Bryant was set up to support a dear friend, Jo Bryant, after she was diagnosed with Cardiac Sarcoma in February 2011.

After 2 open-heart surgeries, 360 hours of chemotherapy, and a spell of “complete remission”, Jo’s cancer returned and spread to her lungs. Conventional medicine had at this stage ‘run out of ideas’ and gave Jo 6-12 months to live. Jo, however, had promised to ‘never, never, never give up’ and embarked on a course of further chemotherapy as well as trying a huge array of alternative therapies.

Over the next 12 months Jo amassed a great following and Team Bryant was born. Through word of mouth, social media and national press coverage Jo’s experience with cancer attracted the attention of politicians, sporting superstars and even Hollywood celebrities. From Boris Johnson, to Dan Carter and even Prince Harry, people posed in photographs with the slogan “Go JB” or “Team JB”.

Throughout her battle Jo wrote a blog ‘Tales from the Heart’, which provided friends and family with a real insight into the challenges that cancer patients face on a daily basis. Written with incredible strength and a touch of humour you can read her journey here.

Despite putting up an incredible fight Jo lost her battle with one of the rarest cancers on earth less than 2 years later, aged just 30 years old. She passed away in her sleep on January 12th 2013 with her family by her side.

Team Bryant has two missions; to share Jo’s discoveries so that useful contacts and knowledge are more accessible and to deliver Jo’s legacy by providing support to others, of a similar age, affected by cancer.

To do this Team Bryant partners with a select group of charities (including Yes to Life) to help fund projects specifically aimed at young people with a focus on holistic cancer care, nutrition, cancer support groups, counselling sessions or any other areas that the committee deems appropriate and fitting with Jo’s values as they are remembered. 

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