Dr Etienne Callebout

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Medical Doctor. Integrated medicine. MD, DTM&H, MFHom Nutricentre.

Etienne Callebout, M.D. in London, England uses numerous herbs, nutritional supplements, enzymes, and substances uniquely tailed to fight cancer, along with a detoxification regime, an overhaul of the patient's diet, and psychological healing strategies. He alternates protocols so that the malignancy gets hit from different angles at different times.

He may use aloe vera, MGN-3 sachets, bovine cartilage, dmso, Wobe-Mugos and other enzymes, glandulars, green tea, Iscador, flaxseed oil, Maitake, vaccines, shark cartilage, and other homeopathic and herbal remedies.

Initial specialisation is tropical medicine.

Uses when appropriate but not necessarily all together:

Diet, juicing, periodic fasting, supplements, herbs, hormonal adjustment, bio-identical hormones, immune restoration and immune recognition, vaccines, repurposed drugs, homeopathy (Benarji), liverdetox, baths, enemas, mouthswill, FIR sauna, PEMF, passive and active exercice, earthing, breathing, meditation and qigong, referral to appropiate hospitals around the world.

His approach is written up in Burton Goldberg's book: An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer


Specialised in integrated cancer therapies, cellular rejuvenating , preventive (anti-aging) and ecological medicine. Diet, Supplementation, Detox, Intravenous Medication, MGN-3 sachets, Iscador, Maitake, Vaccines, Laetrile, DMSO, Aloe Vera, Shark Cartilage, Homeopathy, Herbal Remedies


Watch Dr Etienne Callebout in this video where he talks about his approach to cancer prevention.

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The Practitioner is available at the following location(s):

Dr Etienne Callebout
37 North Audley Street
UK - England (South East)
Tel: +44 (0)203 230 2040