Dr Rajendra Sharma

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Dr Rajendra Sharma has 30 years of experience as an Integrated Medical Doctor utilizing conventional, complementary and more recently Functional medicine. He has established practices off Harley Street, London and covers the South West of England from his practice in Exeter, Devon.

He has a special interest in working with chronic disease and diagnosis of its underlying causes. Dr Sharma is not an oncologist but he maintains an interest in the myriad causes of cancer and the many associations with environment, life-style, exercise, diet and nutrition. He is trained in ecological health screening, investigating metal toxicity (amalgams), mitochondrial function and its association with the metabolic theory of cancer and chronic disease.

Dr Sharma works with all medical conditions including CAM therapy for those with cancer or those wishing to prevent the condition. He is trained in the use of the pioneering Research Genetic Cancer Centre (RGCC) testing and prescribes a broad range of natural options including IV vitamin supplementation (including Vitamin C and Cell Symbiosis/Mitochondrial Therapy, Far Infrared-hyperthermia, botanical (herbal) and nutritional therapies.

He works with natural therapies to help people through surgery with pre-and post-operative protocols and has adjunct natural therapies to support those going through chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Dr Sharma is the author of The Family Encyclopedia of Health and more recently published the quintessential ‘all you need to know’ healthy ageing book, “Live Longer Live Younger” in which CAM therapy is discussed in relation to cancer. Dr Sharma is a member of The British Society for Ecological Medicine and the Faculty of Homeopathy.


RGCC (Test)
IV Vitamin Therapy
IV Vitamin C Therapy
Cell Symbiosis Therapy
Far Infrared Therapy
Botanical Therapy
Nutritional Therapy


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The Practitioner is available at the following location(s):

Dr Rajendra Sharma
34 Denmark Road
UK - England (South West)
Tel: +44 (0)1202 744747

Therapies available at this location:
Vitamin C Therapy

Dr Rajendra Sharma
The Basement Clinic
10A Upper Wimpole Street
UK - England (South East)
Tel: 01202 744747