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It has been an exciting year with a whole host of events run by the Yes to Life Team.  

It has been great meeting people we are supporting, some who regular turn up at lots of events and new people as well.  We welcome you all to join us in 2019 when we will continue to build on our offering of talks, workshops and seminars.

We are aiming to publish our calendar soon but to give you a taster what you can expect, here's just a few we have in the pipeline.

  • Vegan Cookery
  • Detox your Life
  • Yoga in the Park
  • Managing Work and Cancer
  • More on Cannabis
  • Herbal Medicine - A walk in nature
  • A day's retreat at Bhaktivendanta Manor
Cancer Wellness Day April 2019

A one-day conference for anyone who has or has had cancer, their loved ones, carers and anyone with an interest or working in health and general wellbeing

When: Saturday 27th April 2019

Where: Manchester Art Galley, Mosley Street, Manchester M2 3JL

Cost: £16.58 – £27.24 (early bird now on sale)

Tickets: Click here to purchase

The aim of this conference is to share knowledge from experts to enable people to optimise their own health – not to overwhelm, but to share ways in which people can integrate change into their lifestyle at their own pace.

The day will be split into 3 main topics around health and wellbeing:

  1. Emotional wellbeing (including rest and good sleep quality)
  2. Nutrition
  3. Exercise

We understand how exhausting a life with cancer can be and how confusing the various messages around wellbeing are. The 3 basic needs are often difficult to manage due to lack of energy, time, funds, information being inaccessible and other life events taking a priority.

What can you expect from the day?

· Why are these things are so important and the evidence behind this (including real life examples)

· How you can start to make sense of the minefield of research that is out there

· How you can make these changes with very little expense and without it taking too much of your time

· A demonstration to get you moving

· Handouts/tip sheets to take home with you


Liz Butler Msc Dip ION mBANT rCNHC - Founder of Cancer Clarity - Overview

Claire McLusky - Mental health practitioner, group worker and a teacher at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre - Emotional Wellbeing

Silvia Grisendi PhD MSc DipNT mBANT rCNHC - Nutrition

Lizzy Davis - Founder and Developer of  CanExercise - Exercise 


11:00: Registration

11:25: Sue De Cesare for Yes to Life intro

11:30: Liz Butler intro and overview

12:00: Clare McLusky on Emotional Wellbeing (including 5 min Q&A)

12:45: Lunch break

13:30: Silvia Grisendi on Nutrition (including 5 min Q&A)

14:15: Lizzy Davis on Exercise (including 5 min Q&A)

15:00: Close


This is a non-refundable event.



Important Information:

Yes to Life's website content is not provided or (except to the extent referred to on the website) reviewed by fully qualified health practitioners or doctors able to give advice on medical matters. Cancer is a very serious and individual disease. Users must consult with experts in their appropriate medical field before taking up any form of treatment. The information contained on the website is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice nor is it intended to be for medical diagnosis or treatment. Click here to read our full Disclaimer.

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