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Yes to Life events are aimed at raising public awareness of the choices available to those with cancer.

FInd out below what events we will be running in 2017. There is a mix of educational seminars; wellbeing workshops; evening talks and we've thrown in a day trip


Day trip


Linseed Farm

Date: Saturday 10th June 

Time: 10.30 am - 4.00 pm

Where: Muntham House Farm, Muntham, Horsham, RH13 ONH

Tickets: Early bird single ticket £10.00; Group Early Bird (3 tickets) £25.00 

Come and join us for a fun and informative day, starting with a fascinating tour around the linseed farm. From growing to the final product, Durwin will demonstrate the whole process and then talk about the benefits of Linseed oil.

You will also hear from two inspirational people, Pete Cohen and Suzann Clements - see below.

Pete Cohen 

‘The magnificent journey to health, happiness and wellbeing’. Pete is an inspiring life coach and an expert at supporting people through challenging times.

Suzan Clements - Author of Magical Healing Beliefs and breast cancer survivor

Following her diagnosis, Suzan followed the Budwig nutritional programme but soon discovered that healing from cancer involved much more than nutrition. Almost 6 years on she is healthier than she has ever been and possibly a lot wiser. She has gently nurtured her body, mind and spirit back to healthSuzan will share her personal story.

Durwin Banks ‘From Seed to Oil’ 

Join Durwin on a trip around the farm followed by a demonstration of turning seed to oil. Durwin grows linseed/flax in all its forms and supplies direct to individuals across the country. It’s hard to imagine a more fundamental building block for life.

We would love to welcome you and why not ask your friends, carers and family to join you.  There is an option to buy a group ticket.

To book your place click here



Uncovering a new perspective in Integrative Oncology - Medicinal Mushrooms - an evening talk with Hifas da Terra

Date: Thursday 22nd June 

Time: 6.30 pm - 8.30  pm - Registration and light refreshments at 6.00 pm

Where: Mei Leaf Tea House, Camden, London

Cost: £10 Early Bird, £15 Standard

Backed by years of experience and research in the east, modern science is now recognising the therapeutic benefits of medicinal mushrooms. They have certainly caught the attention of medical professionals, oncologists and practitioners worldwide due to their undeniable impacts on the immune system and cancer. Medicinal mushrooms have been shown to play a crucial role in tumour spreading and improving the quality life of oncology patients.

For the past 15 years, Hifas da Terra has been committed to a model of integrative health, which combines the benefits of conventional medicine with the extraordinary power of natural medicine, focusing specifically on mushrooms and their extracts.

The biotechnology firm have been researching these extracts for over 10 years in terms of anti- cancer properties. After years of collaborating with oncologists and biologists Hifas da Terra recently reached a breakthrough with the launch of their Mico-Onco Care range. Hifas da Terra is currently running clinical trials as an integrative approach to several types of cancer including colorectal cancer, breast cancer, neurodegenerative cancer and lung cancer. 

During this seminar, Catalina Fernandez will introduce us to Mycotherapy and share key updates and research on Mico-Onco Care as well as the current running clinical trials taking place in 14 different hospitals in Spain and Italy.

There will be time for a Q&A after the talk and refreshments will be available before the talk commences.

To book your place click here


Ancient concepts to Modern Practice - How Chinese Medicine can play a vital role in supporting people with Cancer 

Date: Thursday 29th June 

Time: 7.00 pm - 10.00 pm

Where: Mei Leaf Tea House, Camden, London

Cost: £10 Early Bird, £15 Standard

Don Mei is the Founder and Director of China Life and will talk about the benefits of using Chinese Medicine as part of a wellbeing protocol for people with cancer.

To book your place click here


Food choices along the cancer journey – The functional point of view 


with Silvia Grisendi PhD, DipNT, mBANT, rCNHC

Date: Wednesday 5th July 

Where: Mei Leaf Tea House, Camden London

Tickets: Early Bird now available £10.00. Standard: £15.00

After spending many years as a research scientist investigating the cellular mechanisms through which cancer develops, Silvia became fascinated with the potential of healing naturopathic diets and the extraordinary difference that a holistic approach can make for individuals suffering from chronic health issues such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, allergies, immune diseases, chronic pain, and cancer. 

A functional approach to nutrition means to support the person as a whole, using the principles of Functional Medicine to look at the root causes of disease along with nutritional and lifestyle adjustments to restore balance. From a functional perspective, cancer may develop as the result of combined biochemical imbalances that accumulate over time for different reasons. A natural functional approach aims at identifying these imbalances, and at harnessing the power of ‘food as medicine’ to stimulate the body’s innate healing resources.

This talk will provide insights into some of the key drivers of cancer pathology, and discuss evidence-based food and lifestyle strategies that can help create a body environment where cancer cells are unable thrive.

A Q&A session will follow the talk and light refreshments will be available.

To book your place click here






Date: Saturday 15th July

TIme: 9.00 am- 1.30 pm

Where: Jury's Inn Waterfront,  Brighton

Tickets: Early Bird £25.00 Yes to Life Beneficiary £15.00

Speakers: Andre Young Snell, Vision of Hope Clinic; Dr Britt Cordi, Founder of Live WheatGrass and Four times cancer survivor Elaine Godley

Lifestyle Choices and Cancer seminar 

Headlining the seminar will be Dr Andre Young-Snell who founded The Vision of Hope Clinic in Brighton in 2002 so that he could concentrate on helping patients using Integrative Medicine after a spending most of his career in the NHS.

His presentation "Faith, Love, the Mind & How to have strong Reasons for Living" will focus on a mental approach to cancer. He will talk about how to alleviate stress; turning the way we look at things into a positive wake-up call; having fun and laughing; having strong social support groups; and to how to distance yourself from negative people. Sharing his expert knowledge he will aim to give the audience tools on how to achieve these.

Joining Dr Young-Snell is the founder of LiveWheatGrassJuice, Dr Britt Cordi. Founded in 2009, LiveWheatGrassJuice is a family run business. Britt presents across Europe and the US as well as writing with nutritionists and wellness specialists. She will be presenting examples of what an anti-cancer diet and lifestyle looks like according to a recent large scientific review.Through demonstrating delicious power-packed recipes she will show evidence to support the importance of wheatgrass juice and how the superfood can boost the body's health and well-being. There will be live presentations and chance to sample juices during the seminar.

Four times cancer survivor, Elaine Godley has become a force in helping support people with cancer. A former CEO, she lectures and trains others on the importance of understanding how our behaviours affect our success in life and especially our health. Elaine was given 1 year to live with stage 4 cancer in July 2015. She beat it in 16 weeks from diagnosis. She will share extracts from her personal journey and provide insights on how understanding our own behavioural strengths can be useful in recovery from major illness and disease. Elaine is one of our Yes to Life helpline volunteers, a nutritional adviser and an expert in the DISC model of behavioural profiling.

There will be a Q&A session after each speaker and a chance to meet and chat over refreshments. Goody bags from Weleda will be given to all attendees. Recipes for juices will also be available from LiveWheatGrassJuice.

Click here for tickets: 

£25 Early Bird

£15 for Yes to Life Beneficiares


Annual Yes to Life Conference

Date: Saturday 25th  November

Where: London

Check in again soon to find out more details




Art Therapy Workshop with Elisabetta Fumigalli 

Dates: Saturday 17 June and Saturday 16 September

Where: Central London

Tickets: Early Bird £5

Elisabetta is one of Yes to Life's Helpline volunteers and is a cancer survivor. She runs art therapy classes and we are thrilled she will be running two clasess for us in 2017.  The first one in May will focus on painting and she calls her class 'Happy Cells and the Healthy Me'.  The second class in September will be sculpture using recycled materials and wood.

Tickets now available here

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