What to expect in 2019 with Hifas da Terra | Gillian Bertram

This week Hifas da Terra share with us what is to be expected in the new year ahead…

Some exciting news ahead, at Hifas da Terra we are saying “Yes to Life!” in 2019 and are thrilled to become a regular contributor to the Yes to Life blog and offer a substantial discount to Yes to Life members!

Hifas da Terra, experts in Mycotherapy (mike: mushrooms, therapeia: therapy) apply the therapy of using the mushroom kingdom for its medicinal attributes to present a new perspective in integrative oncology. With 20 years of research and development, the team includes doctors, MD’s, health professionals, biologists and pharmacists, who create specifically formulated products designed for cancer patients who choose to take mushrooms alongside conventional cancer therapies.

Throughout our contributions we will be sharing information and latest scientific research on mushrooms and their therapeutic actions to support integrative oncology care. We will be going into further detail on how mushrooms may support immunity, inflammation and the stress response and much more.

We will also explain how mushrooms may be used to alleviate side effects from conventional cancer therapies.

Our mission is to educate, inspire and support you if you choose to incorporate Mycotherapy as an adjunct therapy.

Look out for our first feature at the start of February!

Bye for now!

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