Day at a Time, Taking in the Good, 2/4/20

I was completely fooled by an April’s Fool WhatsApp message doing the rounds yesterday, Boris to ban alcohol from Monday 12.00 am! I found myself feeling weirdly relieved ……....continue reading

Day at Time. We only have now. 1/4/20

I woke up feeling a bit groggy and under the weather and wondering whether I was starting a cold and then remembered I had probably had one too many glasses of wine the previous night....continue reading

Day at a Time, Enjoying the silence 31/03/20

I am making a morning fruit smoothie and I am suddenly struck by the absolute silence. It is 9.30 am and I live on a village lane, my kitchen just steps from it. The silence is remarkable and beautiful. ...continue reading

Day at a Time, Up early and ready! 30/03/20

Up early and ready for Sculpt at 8.00 am. I am loving this start to the day and planning to find something for the intervening days when it is not on. Next, my weekly meditation group with friends, which normally happens in my house but now we meet on zoom....continue reading

Day at a time, Zoom cocktails 29/3/20

I woke up this morning feeling tired and my mood a bit low which quite likely has something to do with Zoom cocktails and the fact that I moved onto a couple of House parties after that! ...continue reading

Day at a time,Taking care of ourselves, 28/03/20

I very rarely listen to the news now, preferring to read the newspaper so that I can choose what I take in. This now tends to be the reflections or commentaries on what’s happening rather than the details and figures. ...continue reading

Day at a time. Coming Back to the body, 27/3/20

Loving my morning exercise, Sculpt on Zoom, feeling my muscles working and really enjoying stretching every muscle out, releasing all the tension that builds up in the body and discovering my breath becoming deeper. ...continue reading

Day at a time. Mindfulness of routine activities. 26/3/20

Woke up at 6.45 am and got up. Another stunningly beautiful day. Downstairs for coffee with a plan to go straight up to my attic meditation room. Husband awake too. News on. All these scary figures being announced. Turned it off and listened to something uplifting and inspiring instead....continue reading

Day at a time. Seizing the moment. 25/03/2020

Very fortunate to have my favourite Sculpt exercise class being offered on Zoom by Lynsey. So, at 8.00 am I got my yoga mat out and did 45 minutes of movement and stretching. I felt fantastic afterwards, body alive and full of sensations. ...continue reading

Day at a time. Coping with overwhelming feelings. 24/03/2020

Last night I watched the latest Boris Bulletin and was letting that sink in and then, beep, text message from GP practice identifying me as someone at risk of severe illness if I catch Coronavirus....continue reading