Day at a time, May you be peaceful, 29.4.20.

I woke up surprisingly late this morning, 7.35 am and felt happy to have enjoyed a long, relaxing sleep full of vivid dreaming. I finished yesterday’s blog over coffee and then moved into practicing Qi Gong. This practice is helping me feel strong on every level. ...continue reading

Day at a time, Gratitude, 6/4/20

Beautiful blue skies and sunshine. Feeling so grateful to practice Qi Gong outside, on the lawn, in the fresh air and green with the feeling of the gentle wind and the sun on my skin....continue reading

Day at Time. We only have now. 1/4/20

I woke up feeling a bit groggy and under the weather and wondering whether I was starting a cold and then remembered I had probably had one too many glasses of wine the previous night....continue reading

Day at a time,Taking care of ourselves, 28/03/20

I very rarely listen to the news now, preferring to read the newspaper so that I can choose what I take in. This now tends to be the reflections or commentaries on what’s happening rather than the details and figures. ...continue reading

Day at a Time 2/4/20 Taking in the Good

A Day at a time, a daily blog of life in lockdown I was completely fooled by an April’s Fool WhatsApp message doing the rounds yesterday, Boris to ban alcohol from Monday 12.00 am! I found myself feeling weirdly relieved ……. I think a bit like having no chocolate in the cupboard. It does tell...continue reading