Challenge Events

Every year, our talented / brave / stoic / crazy supporters do all sorts of unbelievable things with one aim - to bring in the essential funds we need to keep supporting the increasing numbers who come to us looking for help with Integrative Medicine. We have some great ideas to share - new and old.

Corporate Support

Our work would not be possible without the support of our partners and supporters.  Whether it’s employee engagement or brand alignment, our committed fundraising team have the skills and creativity to build a successful partnership with you and maximise your fundraising potential. By working with us, you can make a lasting difference.

A Fund in Memory

A Fund in Memory is a very special online space, created by you in memory of your loved one. It's where family and friends can come together to share their fondest memories, photos and messages and raise money in their name to support Yes to Life.

Leaving a Gift

Leaving a Gift or Legacy enables you to do something amazing to help others and makes a difference. It doesn't mater the size of the legacy, your kindness and generosity will always be part of the fabric of a charity like Yes to Life. It can be confusing so to simply the jargon and the process find out more here.

Shop and Raise Money

Retailers are now queuing up to offer charities money and we love it. Shopping online now enables the general public to make donations quickly and easily.

Do your own thing

There are sometimes just too many things to read about fundraising and it might be you just have a brilliant idea of your own. We would love to support you too - so you will find some great tools here

Please note that Yes to Life reserves the right in its absolute discretion not to accept donations; and in some circumstances, to return donations.