A Day at a time, a daily blog of life in lockdown

One of our trustees who has been practicing mindfulness in her life shares a daily blog of life in lockdown – A Day at a Time...continue reading

COVID-19 urgent update for Yes to Life Conference

We regret to inform that, after the most careful weighing of the developing situation around the coronavirus outbreak, our Trustees have reluctantly decided to POSTPONE the Yes to Life Conference. I am sure you will all understand why this has become necessary. We will, as soon as possible establish a new date and venue for...continue reading

#TheBigWeekOff is here!

January 12th sees the launch of a brand new charity event – a fundraising detox! Following on from our Chairman, Robin Daly’s successful one-week fundraising detox earlier this year, #TheBigWeekOff is now being launched as a public fundraiser for Yes to Life. You get the chance to give your body, mind and soul a fresh...continue reading

Nutritional Science and Cancer. Yes to Life Annual Conference

Exploring the increasing consensus and unanswered contradictions around nutrition and cancer. Confimed Speakers: Robert Verkerk BSc MSc DIC PhD FACN, Scientific Director of the Alliance for Natural Health Ally Jaffee, Co-founder of Nutritank Meleni Aldridge BSc Nut Med Dip CPNI Cert LTFHE mBANT mIFM mACN CNHC, Functional Medicine Practitioner Meredy Birdi, Registered Dietician, Nutritional Therapist,...continue reading

Personalised Medicine: How Precision Medicine is Changing Cancer Therapy

Precision Medicine is radically changing the way cancer therapy is planned for and delivered to millions of people around the globe. It is at the forefront of science and its results so far have been nothing short of astounding....continue reading