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Sophie Sabbage
Sophie Sabbage

For many years Sophie was a Patron and a staunch supporter of Yes to Life. She saw the charity as a lifeline for people with cancer. “This charity has so many benefits for cancer patients, but what I love most is that it supports us to direct our own treatment and make our own choices. We often get caught in the crossfire between orthodox medicine and complementary health, but Yes To Life helps people to take the complementary medicine route if they so choose, while providing vital information about best practice (and practitioners) in the process. It is also led with love, commitment and a deep understanding of how painful this experience can be.”

Sophie died in the Autumn of 2021, but not before changing the discussion around cancer forever. She became a bestselling author, speaker, facilitator and patient activist. Following an incurable cancer diagnosis in 2014, Sophie became a passionate patient activist, helping cancer patients around the world to navigate the emotional challenges of the disease and take charge of their own treatment.

Her first book, ‘The Cancer Whisperer’, is an international bestseller that has had a significant impact on patients around the world. Her second book, ‘Lifeshocks: And how to love them’, is about how to harness the transformative power of the unwanted and unexpected moments in our lives. She called these moments ‘lifeshocks’. Sophie continued to share her own deeply personal story as well as other case studies in a groundbreaking book about how to unleash our creativity in our darkest hours – be they related to cancer, bullying, sexual assault, addiction, rejection or simply finding your path through the world.

Through numerous appearances on national radio, including Woman’s Hour and a BBC World Service documentary, as well as television appearances with presenters such as Lorraine on ITV,  Sophie broke new ground on how to deal with a cancer diagnosis.

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