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Schachter Center

The Schachter Center is run by Michael B. Schachter. The clinic maintains it has had good responses with lung, breast, colon cancers, lymphoma and Hodgkins disease. Treatment options at the Schachter Center include detoxification, dietary protocols, and nutritional supplements that enhance and support the immune system and the healing process.

Oral supplements include: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs, phytonutrients, and other nutritional supplements. Intravenous hydrogen peroxide and/or intravenous infusions of high doses of vitamin C are often recommended.

Frequently recommend other natural substances that appear to have some anti-cancer properties, for certain patients.


Detoxification, Diet, Nutritional Supplements, Hydrogen peroxide, High Dose Vitamin C.

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    Schachter Center
    2 Executive Blvd, Suite 202, Suffren, NY 10901, United States

    +1 845 368 4700
    Therapies provided by this provider:

    Vitamin C Therapy
    Vitamin C can be given intravenously as part of a programme of Metabolic Therapy.

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    Nutritional Therapy
    Nutritional therapists seek to ensure you are well nourished by your diet, and that you are fully absorbing and utilising the nutrients it provides.

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    Medicinal Herbs
    Medicinal herbs refers to the use of plants for prevention and treatment of diseases.

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