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Functional Medicine Practitioner Jo Gamble makes the case for personalisation in cancer care as a means to greater treatment success ...
Show #367 - Date: 1 Jul 2022
Explorer Mark Shuttleworth explains how he is supporting Integrative Cancer Care and practitioner Jo Gamble tells why ...
Show #336 - Date: 26 Nov 2021
Functional Medicine Practitioner Jo Gamble talks about strategies for people with cancer whose NHS treatment has been suspended due to coronavirus ...
Show #257 - Date: 10 May 2020
Functional Medicine Practitioner Jo Gamble of Embracing Nutrition digs into the relationship between chronic diseases such as cancer and the state of our physical ‘terrain’ ...
Show #246 - Date: 23 Feb 2020
Jo Gamble specialises in supporting people with cancer through treatment and beyond. She is a Nutritional Therapist as well as a Functional Medicine Practitioner and her extensive training now enables her to provide the kind of answers she struggled to fi...
Show #189 - Date: 20 Jan 2019