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Life Directory

Looking for a therapist, clinic or organisation? Have a look through our fully searchable directory of integrative therapies for cancer.

Food for Life

Food for Life is Yes to Life’s collaboration with consultant oncologist Professor Robert Thomas, founder of CancernetUK and author of ‘Lifestyle after Cancer’ and founder of Live Lean Health Chantal di Donato and vegan chef Day Radley.


The Cancer Revolution brings together the expertise and experience of Patricia Peat, Founder of Cancer Options and 37 specialists from around the world, to provide an accessible resource for anyone with cancer interested in extending the boundaries of their care beyond conventional methods.

Radio Show

The Yes to Life Show on UK Health Radio is all about Integrative Medicine for cancer. As 1 in 2 people will now be diagnosed with cancer there are some pretty stark questions facing us which the show delves into to find some answers.


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