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Antineoplaston Therapy

Also known as: Burzynski, A10 (Atenngenal, Cengenal), AS2-1 (Astugenal, Fengenal)

Dr Stanislaw Burzynski discovered that cancer patients typically had a deficiency of certain chemical peptides in their blood and urine. After naming them Antineoplastins, he went on to create Antineoplaston Therapy using synthetic Antineoplastons. These are non toxic, naturally occurring peptides, amino acid derivatives and organic acids which act as biochemical micro-switches. Antineoplastins occur naturally in the blood and urine. Burzynski maintains that they turn off cancer causing genes (oncogenes) and activate tumour suppressing genes that fight cancer, while not harming or inhibiting normal cell growth. He claims that antineonplastins cause no harm to healthy cells and have few side effects, the body can be flooded with them, affecting only cancer cells.
Antineoplaston Therapy is an alternative therapy that is being used in trials to treat cancer, HIV and autoimmune diseases. Treatment involves using synthetic antineoplastons, made from peptides and amino acids, replenishing the body’s supply of antineoplastons. These were discovered in the blood and urine of healthy people but not in cancer patients. The antineoplastons work by interrupting the activity that causes cells to endlessly divide while also stimulating the tumour suppressor gene to tell cells to undergo programmed cell death (apoptosis). Initial treatments over the first 1-3 weeks are held at the Houston clinic. Further ongoing treatment can be given at home with clinical check-ups every 2 months.

Burzynski claims that antineoplastons are safe and non-toxic and are comprised of compounds that occur naturally in the human body.

Antineoplaston therapy was discovered by Dr. Stanislaw R. Burzynski and named in the late 1960s. During his last year in medical school in 1967, Burzynski identified a potential new type of anticancer agent that seemed to revert malignant cells back to normal. He noted that particular naturally occurring peptides in the body were considerably different in cancer patients. Burzynski emigrated to the United States to carry on his work where he isolated the peptides from human urine and discovered in laboratory trials that they controlled cancer by correcting or reprogramming the cancer cells. He went on to name the substance antineoplastons. He later discovered that when synthetic antineoplastons were injected into the body they could bond to cancer cells and instruct them to function normally. Burzynski went on to open a clinic in West Houston, U.S.A in 1977 that specialises in antineoplason therapy.
Typical Therapy Costs
US dollar 30-40,000. Price per year. Treatment is given by injection or orally. It can range from 8-12 months depending on treatment type needed, number of consultations and if surgery is necessary to place a catheter for drug administration.


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