A relatively inexpensive product, specifically formulated to assist cells with damaged respiration, it is also a powerful antioxidant that targets free radicals, the cause of much cellular damage. It also acts to detoxify the system.
Carctol is a blend of natural Indian herbs produced by Dr. Nandlal Tiwari from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. The capsules contain Hemidesmus Indicus (roots), Piper Cubeba Linn (seeds), Tribulus Terrestris (seeds), Ammani Vesicatoria (plant), Lepidium Sativum Lin (seeds), Blepharis Edulis (seeds), Smilax China Linn (roots) and Rheumemodi Wall (roots). Only in combination do these herbs stimulate an anti-cancer effect by helping change the pH of the body from being acid to being more alkaline. Carctol strengthens the immune system, supports the liver and kidney functions, helps neutralise the toxic effects of chemotherapy agents, assists with digestion, weight gain and calming of the nervous system. The capsules are taken orally, four times a day along with a digestive enzyme. Dr. Tiwari advises patients to have a vegetarian diet prohibiting the use of sour, acidic food and drink. Drinking 3-5 litres of filtered or boiled water is required to avoid constipation. A period of two months is needed before assessing Carctol’s effectiveness. Carctol has to be obtained by prescription due to the UK classing some of the herbs as medicines. A doctor can prescribe this unlicensed medicine if it is believed to be of benefit for a patient.
In 1968, a young man called Dr. Nandlal Tiwari was working with the tribal people of Assam, in India. He discovered that some of the indigenous forest herbs, when ingested, produced results. Dr Tiwari has since been continuously experimenting with the combination of this natural formulation among cancer patients.
Typical Therapy Costs
British pound 100 per month. One month supply of Carctol and digestive enzymes


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