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Cancer Through Another Lens

12 Feb 2023

Despite unprecedented levels of human resources being dedicated to the cause, cancer continues to slip through the grasp of our understanding. This most elusive of diseases is at once highly predictable in its behaviour, and yet extraordinarily incomprehensible at the most fundamental level. We know more about cancer than ever, but as we dig ever deeper into the genetics and the pathways affected, we are hit with ever more complexity, leaving us faced with more questions than answers. Consequently, the Holy Grail of successful treatment continually moves ahead of us, always just beyond our grasp – the end of the rainbow.  Fundamentally, we still don’t really know why cancer develops, and as a consequence we are still struggling to find out how we should treat – or better still prevent – it effectively.

While endeavouring to make sense of this labyrinth of complexity is a commendable pursuit, should we consider the possibility that we may be missing something? With so much time and focus spent intensively examining the intricate detail, could we be failing to see the wood for the trees? Could answers be hiding in plain sight within the existing knowledge banks of science? Besides this propensity to get lost in the detail, one of the dangers in all fields of human endeavour is groupthink – some assumptions can be so utterly pervasive, that they are not even visible within the group, and consequently are never open to scrutiny. In these situations, it usually takes an outside view to recognise and question a long-held assumption.

Mark Lintern, armed only with his experience of cancer, both personally and in those dear to him, and determined to find some answers, set out on a journey of eight years of intense research. Now he is ready to share a perspective of cancer that departs from all other views of the disease in one crucial aspect. This single step has enabled him to synthesise a mass of previously conflicting evidence into a truly coherent view of the origin and processes of cancer.

Now, at last, cancer can begin to make complete sense.

We would like to invite you as our guest on February 12th 2023 when Mark will present his thinking for scrutiny by three panels of cancer experts, in front of an audience of cancer specialists.

“Mark Lintern’s very thoroughly researched work drives a coach and horses through most of the prevailing theories of cancer causation…”

Dr Robert Verkerk, Scientific Host  for the event

“Mark Lintern’s observations add another piece to the puzzle, taking us another step closer to characterizing this as a disease of the terrain versus of the genetics, and help us change course to a more hopeful future in cancer care and prevention.”  

Dr Nasha Winters

A professional, by invitation only, event that will consist of a live evaluation of a fresh perspective on the origin and mechanisms of cancer. Three panels of cancer experts will have ample opportunity to question Mark Lintern in detail about his eight years researching the science behind cancer, and the innovative thinking that has resulted.

Science Panel: • Prof Paul Davies • Dr Ahmed El-Sakka • Dr J William LaValley MD • Prof Michael Lisanti MD-PhD FRSA FRSB FRSC • Prof Brigitte König PhD

Clinician Panel: • Dr Sean Devlin DO MD(H) HMD MS • Dr Nasha Winters ND FABNO • Dr Penny Kechagioglou MBBS (Honours), MRCP, CCT (Clin Onc), MPH, MBA Clinical oncologist

Expert Patient Panel: Jane McLelland • Daniel Stanciu • Mark Sean Taylor


Cancer Through Another Lens
Event Details
3:00 pm until 9:15 pm

International Times: The event will be held online on Sunday 12th February 2023 from 15:00 GMT (10:00 EST, 07:00 PST, 16:00 CET) until 21:15 GMT (16:15 EST, 13:15 PST, 22:15 CET)

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