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The Yes to Life Show on UK Health Radio is all about Integrative Medicine for cancer. As we hurtle towards the point where half of us will get cancer, there are some pretty stark questions facing us that the show attempts to throw light on:

  • What are we doing wrong?
  • Why is progress so slow?
  • Why has the colossal investment in research produced so few answers?
  • What are we missing?
  • And crucially to all the above – What is cancer?

In search of the answers, show host and Yes to Life Founder Robin Daly talks to a fascinating mix of scientists, oncologists, doctors and practitioners, as well as extraordinary survivors who have exceeded all expectations by thinking outside of ‘the box’.

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Dr Vijay Murthy speaks about Ayurveda, one of the oldest and most comprehensive systems of healthcare in the world, with a wealth of acquired wisdom on offer ...
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Dr Vijay Murthy speaks about Ayurveda, one of the oldest and most comprehensive systems of healthcare in the world, with a wealth of acquired wisdom on offer ...
Show #464 - Date: 14 Jun 2024
Dawn Waldron furthers her exploration into the processes of cancer in this second interview ...
Show #463 - Date: 7 Jun 2024
Dawn Waldron shares her thoughts on food as information and the importance of signalling in the progress of cancer ...
Show #462 - Date: 31 May 2024
Dr Sean Devlin is highly experienced in cancer support and speaks on several topics including the all-important patient-doctor relationship ...
Show #461 - Date: 24 May 2024
Dr Penny Kechagioglou is guest in the first of 12 monthly themed shows for the Yes to Life 20th Anniversary ...
Show #460 - Date: 17 May 2024
Nadia Brydon explains the many benefits of collecting, cooking and consuming foraged foods ...
Show #459 - Date: 10 May 2024
Dr Jenny Goodman is an expert on the relationship between our health and the health of our environment ...
Show #458 - Date: 3 May 2024
Prostate cancer therapies are advancing rapidly with marked improvements to outcomes, but holistic support for men after treatment is still lacking ...
Show #457 - Date: 26 Apr 2024
Cancer Coach Isabel Galiano has much to offer to those up against the common challenges that patients face when coming to the end of treatment ...
Show #456 - Date: 19 Apr 2024
Exercise Oncology specialist Dr Stephanie Otto reveals just how important muscle can be to our wellbeing, particularly if we have cancer ...
Show #455 - Date: 12 Apr 2024
Pauline Cox
Functional Nutritionist Pauline Cox favours leaving the complex science to the body and focusing on the low-hanging fruit in terms of lifestyle interventions to support healing ...
Show #454 - Date: 5 Apr 2024
Katie Phillips
Through the Talking With Cancer podcast, Katie Phillips has shared her ongoing personal exploration of cancer and integrative cancer care ...
Show #453 - Date: 29 Mar 2024
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