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Cora Weekes
Cora Weekes is a trained Nutritional Therapist with a deep personal interest in what it means to be a human being, and in the ways our relationship with ourself, with others and with our environment plays out in our health and wellbeing. ...
Show #217 - Date: 8 Jun 2019
Dr Michael Evans is an Anthroposophical Doctor, trained in conventional medicine, but then additionally trained to look at and treat people in a much fuller and more holistic way. Along with a wide range of resources that Anthroposophical Medicine can bri...
Show #216 - Date: 30 May 2020
Dr Andrew Harbottle, Jon May
Dr Andrew Harbottle and Jon May introduce a brand new test that promises to give men a much more accurate assessment of prostate health than the venerable PSA test. Those with slightly elevated PSA who previously needed a biopsy – itself an unreliab...
Show #215 - Date: 30 May 2020
Fiona Shakeela Burns
This week Robin talks to Fiona Shakeela Burns, long-term survivor of multiple cancers, practitioner and health activist, about her upcoming Back2Health event in Bristol focusing on ozone, hydrogen and CBD. ...
Show #214 - Date: 30 May 2020
Jane Hutchison
Jane Hutchison tells all about her brilliant charity Hello Beautiful which is working to prevent cancer through Personal Sustainability and Non-toxic Practice ...
Show #213 - Date: 7 Sep 2019
Anita Gibson
Anita Gibson shares lessons she has learnt and information she gathered through hers and her daughter’s cancers, published in an e-book, Incredible Truths and Truthful Lies about Cancer ...
Show #212 - Date: 7 Feb 2019
This week, Nutritional Therapist and Functional Medicine Practitioner Mark Bennett shares some of the ways in which he supports people with cancer through and after treatment, by integrating natural and lifestyle approaches into their treatment programme....
Show #211 - Date: 30 May 2020
Bita Fox
Bita Fox, Principal Dentist at the Munro-Hall Clinic in Bedfordshire, discusses the continued use of amalgam fillings in the UK, the risks surrounding them, and the techniques of biological dentistry in use at the clinic for two decades. ...
Show #210 - Date: 30 May 2020
Wa-el Gharbiyeh
Wa-el Gharbiyeh, Director of CubaHeal, the organisation that organises cancer treatment in Cuba for foreign nationals, talks about the startling innovations in cancer treatment ...
Show #209 - Date: 6 Nov 2019
Jonathan Orchard
Jonathan Orchard, Director of Abundance & Health, discusses the recent development of Liposomal Vitamin C and compares it with the more established high dose intravenous therapy. ...
Show #208 - Date: 6 Apr 2019
Professor Robert Thomas
Joint Resolution – Oncologist and advocate of Lifestyle Medicine, Professor Robert Thomas of @cancernetuk discusses the widespread and debilitating problem of joint pain ...
Show #207 - Date: 30 May 2020
Summer Watson
Summer Watson passionately shares some of the insights she has gained from her life as a classically trained ‘crossover’ singer, twice brutally interrupted by ’train wrecks’ ...
Show #206 - Date: 30 May 2020
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