Tool Kits

When you get diagnosed there’s a lot to take in

  • What does it mean for you?
  • What questions do you want/need to ask your oncologist/medical team?
  • Where can you get additional help?
  • What should I/shouldn’t I be eating?
  • What can I do for myself?

We have created a number of documents which we hope can guide you through the big maze of information.

They include:

Welcome Pack 2019

Our Welcome Pack includes some general nutritional information to help you get started; some suggested books to read; and other places where you can go to for help.

Questions for Your Oncologist

Questions to ask your oncologist – compiled by a number of our beneficiaries

Clinics abroad by Cancer Options

There are a large number of clinics offering complementary and integrative support in an increasing number of countries abroad which we often get asked about.  Consideration of this option requires a lot of thought and investigation before commitment to ensure it is the correct and appropriate course of action.
This document sets out the pro’s and con’s and covers the things you should be considering if travelling abroad is an option you wish to consider.

Personal Fundraising Scheme 

If you are considering travelling overseas or the cost of your chosen protocol is expensive, you may wish to consider setting up a Personal Fundraising Scheme through the charity.