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Versha Carter
A turning point! – The next European Congress for Integrative Medicine will be held in London for the first time – a turning point in the development of medicine in the UK! ...
Show #253 - Date: 12 Apr 2020
A precious Legacy – Dr Linda Isaacs is carrying forward a deep understanding and experience of the use of pancreatic enzymes in cancer care ...
Show #252 - Date: 5 Apr 2020
Ralph Moss
Cancer Inc – Ralph Moss, leading science writer, introduces his new book, a starkly critical analysis of cancer drug development ...
Show #251 - Date: 29 Mar 2020
Kelly Turner
Radical Remission – Kelly Turner’s groundbreaking study of ’spontaneous’ remissions is now a ten part docuseries, and her new book, Radical Hope, is about to be published ...
Show #250 - Date: 22 Mar 2020
Dr Sam Watts
A matter of timing – Dr Sam Watts explores the emerging science of chronobiology and its implications for those with cancer ...
Show #249 - Date: 15 Mar 2020
Dr Nasha Winters
Dr Nasha Winters believes that Integrative Medicine should be available to everyone with cancer and is pushing hard to change the status quo ...
Show #248 - Date: 3 Oct 2020
Functional Medicine Practitioner Victoria Fenton of Aletheia Clinics takes on the tabloid cancer headlines that drive her crazy ...
Show #247 - Date: 3 Mar 2020
Functional Medicine Practitioner Jo Gamble of Embracing Nutrition digs into the relationship between chronic diseases such as cancer and the state of our physical ‘terrain’ ...
Show #246 - Date: 30 May 2020
Nutritional Therapist Lillian Klein of Entire Health shares her thinking about supporting people through and beyond conventional cancer treatments ...
Show #245 - Date: 30 May 2020
Dr Duncan Still
Dr Duncan Still from Penny Brohn UK explains his priorities in supporting people with cancer ...
Show #244 - Date: 2 Nov 2020
Scott Maguire, Jon Liebling
Scott Maguire of Cannaray & Jon Liebling of the United Patients Alliance discuss the progress of cannabis as a medicine in the UK ...
Show #243 - Date: 2 Apr 2020
Dr Que Collins
Could an excess of Deuterium be at the root of cancer and many chronic diseases? ...
Show #242 - Date: 30 May 2020
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