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Chemo and the Cancer Cell

18 Jul 2022

Alongside the print version of Issue One of Flourish Magazine, The Nourish Issue, we are releasing weekly digital content on the Artlift and Yes to Life websites, such as film, creative writing and blog posts. This week’s digital piece is a poem by Sheran Joy, ‘Chemo and The Cancer Cell’.

Please note: this piece contains references to chemotherapy and ‘battle’ language, which some readers may find difficult.

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Chemo and the Cancer Cell

By Sheran Fairley


Said Chemo to the Cancer cell

“I’ve got you in my sight!”

The Cancer cell retorted

“FEC off little gob shite!”

Chemo took a deep breath

“Don’t heckle me you fool,

Have you not yet witnessed,

What I can do to a stool?”

“You are nowt but side effects
Of no real regard”

Chemo winked and whispered

“I’m super FECing ‘ard!”

“You don’t scare me, Mr FEC-T

I’m in this thing to win”

“Have you considered” said Chemo with a smirk,

“The vessel we fight within?”

“What, this mass of bone and tissue
So weak and so frail?

“Oh how you underestimate” said Chemo

“You battle me AND the FEMALE!”

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