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Day at a time, Being intentional, 10/5/20

11 May 2020

A Day at a Time – A Daily Blog of Life in Lockdown

So, my new resolve to practice Qi Gong followed by meditation, making up a morning practice of ninety minutes is already floundering. The extra discipline required on a Bank holiday weekend has not been there. Getting up a bit later combined with no work structure or agenda is a definite hindrance to me. I slip into procrastination all too easily. And the problem is that it then becomes a challenge to extract myself from life happening in the house and around me. I managed the hour of Qi Gong but let go the longer sitting meditation in order to be back with the family, telling myself that I will fit it in later…I rarely do.

Ok, no big deal, I will take it down a notch and slowly build up to the extra 30 minutes of practice. New resolve – start with 15 minutes extra meditation a day and practice like this for a week before increasing by another 5 minutes.

Weekends and holidays have always been periods of less meditation practice. On holidays, I tell myself that everything is new and I am naturally more present and therefore don’t need to practice … who am I kidding? It all comes down to being intentional in life, building habits out of activities that nourish and increase well-being and, importantly noticing and appreciating the increasing benefits. It helps to enjoy the practice and to feel inspired by what you do. When talking about meditation, having a group to practice with and someone to talk to about your practice helps it to not become one of striving. Meditation is all about right effort – finding balance within your commitment to practice and within your meditation. An attitude of enthusiasm helps.

…….so, I tend to leave completing my blog until first thing the following morning. This morning I am too excited about the launch of the website Wigwam Cancer Support Groups to focus. The idea came in response to lockdown and we have been working on it since. My self-discipline and morning routine went out the window as I read responses to the website! Fortunately, having a fixed meditation group with friends at 9.30 am calls me back into line …. time for twenty minutes Qi Gong practice before starting the group on Zoom!