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Day at a time, Daily check in, 14/5/20

15 May 2020

A Day at a Time – A Daily Blog of Life in Lockdown

This morning I woke up feeling unwell all over and with a mild discomfort in my chest. I decided to go back to the first Qi Gong immunity boost flow practice which felt very healing and positive at the beginning of this lockdown when I was feeling quite fearful. Moving through it I could feel my body responding, particularly my lungs, and my breath become deep. I carried on my day with bits of work and such feeling lousy but not fearful. Although saying that, I did keep checking my temperature! Weirdly, after practicing Qi Gong in a chilly attic space my temperature was below what counts as hypothermic! However, I was not numb, blue or confused!!

Right now, sitting down writing the blog, I am wondering how I really am. Feeling my feet on the ground and bum on the seat and checking in with myself. Doing this because I am curious about whether I am feeling any fear of this being Covid-19. Asking the question – how am I? And noticing the response in the body. Physical body sensations– headache, snuffly, slight ache up the sides of my neck into my head, blocked feeling in my ears, pain in right hand side of my lungs or maybe it’s my back, hard to discern. Mind -calm. Feelings – no particular sensations present. Although I feel unwell, I have not been experiencing fearful thoughts of being seriously ill with Covid-19. It’s a real prospect but at the same time it is usual for me to have days when my energy is low, and I feel like I have a cold and then in 24 hours it passes. No need for concern.

It is a kindness to ourselves to occasionally pause to check in with how we are feeling and right now during this pandemic perhaps even more important.

Hint: Check in with yourself regularly

Practice: Mindful check-in

Find somewhere quiet to sit and take a few moments to settle, feeling your feet on the floor and the weight of your body in the chair. Then ask yourself the question – how am I? Notice the response by bringing your full attention to the experience of body sensations, thoughts and emotions just as they are in this moment. It is a kindness to simply be with yourself, letting everything be as it is without pushing it away or judging what you experience. If you notice this creeping in, be kind and forgive yourself and bring your awareness back to how you are.