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Day at a time, Resourcing your self, 07/4/20

8 Apr 2020

A Day at a Time – A Daily Blog of Life in Lockdown

Autumn is usually what I think of as my favourite season but right now this Spring seems unbelievably beautiful. The vivid greens of new growth, the white blossom, the birdsong and pure white new-born lambs. Maybe it is the contrast with all that is happening in the world and the comfort in this continuity of things.

Morning Qi Gong and just now I had a go on a peak flow monitor and mine is up from 310 to 350. These lung exercises are doing the job! I am feeling stronger and healthier by the day. When I feel like everything is giving way under me, whether that’s a cancer diagnosis, my child being expelled from school or this current pandemic, once I am over the shock and am beginning to accept the uncertainty of it, I then turn to getting myself informed. This way I make sure I am doing all I can to make the most of the things I can control. Right now, that includes a vitamin supplement regime, exercise and Qi Gong, meditation, journaling, getting really inspired with work, connecting with friends and extended family and choosing to live in harmony with my husband and son. This is the amazing part – I think I am eventually letting go of controlling them. Wow! It’s so much more relaxing.

These two slogans, I read on the Lee Holden Qi Gong (the one I’m doing) Facebook page seem so pertinent right now.

Self-care is how you take your power back
When everything is uncertain everything that is important becomes clear

Locally the hospice has become an emergency field hospital and the old American airbase will become a temporary morgue. There is so much sadness and fear around but what can each of us do to resource ourselves so that we are strong in these turbulent times for our friends and family. And, if we can’t be out helping, are there ways we can support those who are in our community and country. Thoughts may plague us that we are being selfish by looking after our own self-care but remember these are just thoughts, not facts and you have to put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others.