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Day at a time. Seizing the moment. 25/03/2020

27 Mar 2020

Very fortunate to have my favourite Sculpt exercise class being offered on Zoom by Lynsey. So, at 8.00 am I got my yoga mat out and did 45 minutes of movement and stretching. I felt fantastic afterwards, body alive and full of sensations. Played my latest favourite YouTube CV video doing the rounds

and danced around the kitchen. Next stop, meditation cushion and then I felt set for the day. Just getting excited about work to be done and then the explosion of our resident 18-year-old beautiful son erupted. So much anger hitting him hard about his life being controlled and restricted by the government. Reminded him of the punch bag to release a bit of that pent-up energy and phew, everything deescalated. So grateful for outside space. And today, so grateful for beautiful blue skies and sunshine.

…this afternoon, recognising this ‘alive’ energy in me, reminiscent of when I was diagnosed with cancer 14 years ago. Something about time being more precious and making the most of every moment. Making the changes for my health and wellbeing rather than living out my habits. Doing what brings me alive …. NOW while I still can.

Hint: We only have NOW. Let’s make the most of this valuable time being at home with family and very possibly not working. Remembering what we enjoy and the activities that make us feel good, that we perhaps used to feel we didn’t have time for.

Practice: Making a commitment to spend a part of everyday doing something you enjoy. Making the most of all the amazing resources coming online from dance and exercise to art and meditation.