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A Day at a Time – Slowing down – 3/4/20

4 Apr 2020

I didn’t have a drink last night, not actually out of intention more I just didn’t feel like it when the time came. But I still woke up feeling a bit groggy and sniffly. Coffee, Sculpt and Qi Gong breathing exercises soon got rid of that feeling. Then to an on-line meeting followed by a shower. I made the rash decision to cut my own hair. It’s been driving me mad – I was overdue a cut and colour before lockdown. I got some sewing scissors and having watched hairdressers cutting my hair for years got snipping, using the comb the way they do. I was quite impressed until I looked at the back. It’s like a curly bob but with a long strand hanging down the back … maybe I’ll plait that or risk one of the men in the house lopping it off. As the day’s gone on I am less and less impressed with this cut but hey, I’m not going anywhere for another…… oops let’s not go future thinking!


Between exercise and the meeting, I ate a banana. It tasted so delicious, I slowed it right down and enjoyed the whole experience. No noise, no other distractions. Standing rooted to the earth, feeling the texture and weight of this piece of fruit in my hand, the slight sweetness of its scent and its wonderful tender ripeness. Present moment, wonderful moment!


Hint: Don’t cut your own hair


Practice: Mindful eating meditation


Sitting quietly, without any distractions such as browsing the internet, reading the paper or watching the TV. Begin by connecting to your breath and body, feel your feet on the ground and notice your experience in this moment. Now give your complete attention to what it is you are going to eat. Really slow the whole process down and focus on the characteristics of the food – what does it look like, how does it feel in your hand, does it have an aroma and how does it taste as you bite into it, what are the distinct flavours? It maybe something you have eaten many times before but there are quite probably qualities you have missed time and time again. Slowing it down allows you to truly savour the food. Eat slowly noticing the sensations of chewing and swallowing and how you feel afterwards. If you notice yourself getting distracted by worries or to do lists come back to the body sitting here and the breath to stabilize your attention and when you are ready continue eating. In this way, there is just this moment – no past, no future – just now eating this food.

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