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Mind Your Body

12 May 2018

Mind Your Body

The Vital Role of the Mind and Spirit in Recovery and Wellbeing with Wendi Saggese, Gaby Burt and Liz Butler. With the arrival of Spring comes the symbolism of starting afresh, having a ‘spring-clean’ and awakening a new better version of yourself. With this theme in mind, our spring conference encapsulated this, emphasising the vital role of the mind and spirit in recovery and wellbeing. with a focus on those with cancer.

Our emotions are so strongly associated with our physical wellness that even the word “dis-ease” explains the tie between our mind and body. With more and more growing evidence backing the connection between the mind and the body, we need to think about how we can heal ourselves. This conference was designed to equip attendees with knowledge and practical skills through specially crafted talks and workshops to help them along on their emotional healing journey.

Wendi Saggese: Wendi Saggese is living with Stage Four Terminal Cancer, yet at 57 years old she is happier than she has ever been. It’s hard to believe that she was once depressed and had very low self-esteem. Prior to teaching the Principles, Wendi spent 40 years looking for ways to change herself. She obtained a Master Certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming from co-founder John Grinder, worked for Anthony Robbins, and lived at Byron Katie’s Center for the Work, helping to co-write the first ‘Work’ Certification Manual.

In 2010, Wendi found herself lost in the chokehold of a depression that followed her initial Breast Cancer diagnosis. Nothing helped her until she stumbled upon the Three Principles in 2011. The Understanding completely changed her life, her relationships and, most importantly, her ability to live happily with a terminal diagnosis. She has amassed over six years of professional experience with 3P teachers, including George and Linda Pransky, from whom she received a six-month, in-depth mentor training. Wendi built her own practice, Wake Up Your Wisdom, and works with every kind of person, especially those with tough and life-threatening situations like illness, the death of a loved one, and cancer. It has become her life’s work helping people wake up to their inner intelligence by sharing the simple understanding of how the human mind works.

Wendi’s Workshops
Some people seem to possess an incredible strength, confidence, and even positivity in the face of cancer or hardship . Others are overcome by anxiety and depression . There is a key to living a life filled with hope and healing. It is not a technique, or a method, or set of values.
It is a simple understanding of the human mind and it can help ease the stress of troubling circumstances – no matter how dire the prognosis.

This workshop was a must-attend for all people looking to support themselves and others to heal and live a happy life. Attendees joined Wendi in a wonderful conversation and explored the way our minds work to enable them to:

– See setbacks through a freer and more resilient mind
– Spend less time worrying and more time living and loving
– Stress less about scan results, and crucial treatment decisions
– Remain calmer and bully-proof around confrontational doctors or family members

Gaby Burt: Gaby is the Director for The Journey International and has partnered Brandon Bays for the last 20 years. She is deeply steeped in the teachings of Brandon Bays, who is the pioneer and founder of The Journey Method®. In this workshop, Gaby Burt will share how to achieve emotional and physical wellbeing and clear some of the blocks and issues that have prevented you from living life fully and healthily.

About The Journey – The day is based on the teaching of Brandon Bays, pioneer of The Journey Method®. She is the world’s leading authority on emotional healing and life transformation and is highly respected internationally for her radically transformative work in the fields of cellular healing, emotional wellbeing and spiritual awakening. Gaby has worked alongside Brandon for over 20 years and together with Brandon Bays and Kevin Billett (Journey co-founder, CEO, and Brandon’s husband) is a joint guardian and director for The Journey. Having partnered Brandon for more than two decades, The Journey is part of Gaby’s everyday life. She is deeply steeped in its teachings and it is her deep personal prayer to make Journeywork available to every human being with a desire to wake up and heal.

Gaby’s Workshops
Our emotions affect every single aspect of our lives, and can either underpin our positivity, vitality and wellbeing or sabotage us and push us into distress or even ill health. Emotional wellbeing and a healthy, fulfilling life go hand in hand.
In her workshops, Gaby Burt helped attendees understand how to achieve emotional and physical wellbeing and clear some of the hidden issues that have prevented them from living life fully and healthily.

Liz Butler: Liz Butler is a highly experienced nutritional therapist as well as a HeartMath coach and she has a strong interest in the mind-body-spirit connection. She is the founder of Body Soul Nutrition and has developed the 7 Elements of Healing, a holistic model to help those with cancer maximise their healing potential.

Liz’s Workshops
HeartMath is a unique system of rigorous scientific research, validated techniques, leading-edge products and programmes and advanced technologies for people interested in personal development and improved emotional, mental and physical health. HeartMath is internationally recognised for practical solutions that can transform the stress of change and uncertainty and build people’s heart coherence and energy reserves.
In these workshops people will see demonstrations of how scientific technology can measure the emotional state of the heart. They will learn techniques to engage the intelligence of the heart and will discover how they can use the technology demonstrated in their own home to monitor their deepening connection with the heart.