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The Patron Saints of Cancer’

10 Feb 2015

The Patron Saints of Cancer’

Jessica Richards, the author of ‘A Topic of Cancer’ introduced Mr Mark Kissin, a Consultant Breast and Melanoma Surgeon for nearly 40 years.

Jessica has been supported by Mr Kissin during her 8 year recovery from breast cancer. She lead the talk by focusing on the critical role that mental attitude plays in our wellbeing and recovery –  A topic too often disregarded following a cancer diagnosis.

Throughout the Christian era, saints have been adopted as patrons for the protection against disease. This is usually afforded to saints for their most spectacular cure or mode of death. Perhaps the most famous of all the surgical saints is St Agatha, martyred by her mastectomy. The talk delved into the lives, legends cults and pictorial representations of these Saints.

Mr Kissin’s first talk for Yes to Life The Patron Saints of Cancer, offered an invaluable and significant insight into historical and cultural myths, with an understanding of how they may inform our own cultural and individual attitudes or beliefs. Mr Kissin offers a fresh perspective on attitudes within cancer care.

During his time as a consultant, he has treated over 5000 breast cancer patients, and leading a multidisciplinary team of national repute, he has maintained a profile of the Breast Unity to be at the highest possible standard both nationally and internationally. Thus the evening will also provide a rare opportunity to interact with a cancer consultant in an informal, non hospital environment.