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True tea

24 Oct 2018

True tea

Tea is the most universally loved drink in the world and can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately 99% of us know very little about true tea and most of us are drinking it all wrong. In this workshop, Don Mei presented a workshop about true tea and demonstrated the skills of Gong Fu brewing.

With over 15 years experience sourcing tea and becoming one of the most established tea educators in the world, Don guided attendees through the basics of tea. They learnt about the different types of tea, their health benefits and the various factors which affect the quality of the harvests before learning how to brew in a Gong Fu style for a true tea experience. This was an eye-opening workshop with plenty of insights and a chance to brew and sample some of the world’s most exclusive tea.

This workshop took place at Don’s Mei Leaf, voted TimeOut’s Most Loved Local Shop in London 2018.