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Wigwam - Getting into your Gene with Dawn Waldron

24 Jan 2022

Understanding the role of genetics in cancer and how the right diet and lifestyle choices can help your genes to function optimally.

Dawn Waldron, PG Cert CNELM (Personalised Nutrition) Dip ION, Member of BANT, CNHC


Dawn Waldron is a leading UK nutritional therapist, nutrigenetic counsellor and life coach, specialising in breast cancer. As a 23 year survivor with 17 years clinical nutrition experience, Dawn brings a unique blend of empathy and insight to her clinical work. Her Power Through Breast Cancer programme supports clients to get the most out of their cancer experience: helping clients make more informed choices, identifying and supporting personal risk factors that may compromise recovery, optimising treatment outcomes and spring boarding to a happier and healthier life beyond the crisis.


“As a survivor, I am acutely aware of the enormity of the choices facing cancer patients at the point of diagnosis. The pressure of getting up to speed with such a complex subject and making decisions that may affect the rest of your life is huge. We know that healthy bodies respond better to treatment, and complementary therapies can synergise with medical treatment to create better outcomes.”

Event Details
4:00 pm until 5:00 pm

Free but donations welcome!

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