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WIGWAM - Yoga Therapy for Everyone - with Nikki Jackson

6 Jan 2021

About this event


This chair based session will lead you through gentle yoga practises that help to realign your posture, rebalance your energy levels and readjust your mood. You will be shown some simple breathing practises, some gentle seated stretches, how to release tense areas of the body and how to soften and smile again from the inside out.


Yoga therapy practises promote self-compassion to help ease pain and stress.  They are kind and gentle, helping us to form a friendlier relationship with our body, especially areas that are asking for our care and attention. Yoga Therapy also helps us to become more aware of destructive thoughts and instead encourages us to turn towards those that are useful and pleasant.


More about Nikki


Nikki Jackson has taught yoga (educational) and yoga therapy (explorative) for 30 years.  She is a national teacher trainer in post graduate courses in yoga therapy for The British Wheel of Yoga. She is trained in both Indian and Tibetan Healing yoga. She blends these ancient eastern health practises with her western experience of working in NHS physical and mental health departments as an occupational therapist since 1991. She is a Mindfulness for Health teacher having trained with Vidyamala Burch’s Breathworks Organisation. Nikki continues to teach yoga therapy groups regularly as well as one to one therapy. She has presented yoga therapy to many audiences and more recently to the The British Association of Lifestyle Medicine annual conference for GPs .


Nikki is an advocate of Nature, believing that we can learn from animals, plants and the five elements to ‘retune’ our health. We have inner resources to help ease our minds and bodies so they can unravel and find an inner sense of calm and peace.


As with all Wigwam Forum talks, there will be time for questions at the end of this session.

WIGWAM - Yoga Therapy for Everyone - with Nikki Jackson
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4:00 pm until 5:00 pm

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