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"Pushing the Boundaries" Yes to Life Annual Conference Online

22 Jun 2024

Integrative Medicine is a living, rapidly expanding science, with new understandings and potential being unveiled on a daily basis. This year’s conferences – one online in the Summer, and one in-person in the Autumn – share the title ‘Pushing the Boundaries’, as we have decided to devote them both to looking at the latest developments in Integrative Medicine, across the board. So that includes new techniques, new scientific understandings, and new applications for existing therapies, and you’ll be hearing fresh insights from some of your most trusted clinicians and scientists, and led into unfamiliar territory by pioneering speakers who may be as yet unfamiliar. 


The conferences are being co-created by Patricia Peat of the Peat Institute and Yes to Life, with the aim of sending our audiences home with a wealth of resources on which to be able to draw for their own needs. Both events will be priced for accessibility, and the in-person Autumn Conference will include an extensive Exhibition that will offer yet more knowledge and resources to delegates.

"Pushing the Boundaries" Yes to Life Annual Conference Online
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9:00 am until 5:00 pm

Early Bird from £15

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