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Ever thought of writing a blog?

31 Mar 2021

y2l post

We’d love to hear from you if you have an idea for a blog. Some have asked us about what a blog could look like – in this post we give some thoughts on blog writing for Wigwam.

Here at Wigwam we have absolutely loved all the varied contributions that now appear on our website. We’ve had some wonderful articles in our first weeks – including a Cheltenham Tattooist talking Areola Tattooing, what makes the biggest difference to healing, one womans’ terminal cancer story, a look at our Helpline and a powerful and thought-provoking collection of art looking at cancer taboo topics.

Most of our readers will have personal experience of cancer. So our aim is to have articles that will benefit them. Of course that covers a very broad range of topics but we particularly like those considering integrative health approaches. We also like personal experiences of cancer, experiences of those working as a professional with people with cancer, book reviews, positive news items, research and more.
Integrative approach. Blogs need to take account of our disclaimer policy (i), in particular that “The information contained on the website is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice nor is it intended to be for medical diagnosis or treatment”. Any articles must respect and accept others treatment choices whether that is lifestyle, complementary or conventional or a mix.

Words and photos. We are pretty flexible in terms of word count and also the number of photos/images. However we do like photos as they can really help tell the story. Not only do they make the blog more attractive they have also been shown to increase readership. Indeed blog articles containing images are said to receive 94% more views (ii)!

Copyright, permission and reputations. Blog authors in their articles must also not harm the reputation of another person, group, or organization and have permission to use any content or own the copyright (including photos/images).

Selling. Blogs must avoid endorsing any specific product.
Title and paragraphs. Title’s are always important; they need to be catchy but also say ‘what’s in the tin’. Grabbing the reader’s attention in the first paragraph is key. If you lose them then they will stop reading. Try an interesting fact or story but also describe what your post will be about. Sub-titles and headings can also help readers who scan read articles; it seems most people only read about 20% of what is on the page (iii)!
Bio. A head shot of the author is useful but not essential plus we like a brief author biography that can be in the article or at the end.

Brevity and clarity. We love if authors share something of themselves and in their own style. However we know short sentences and paragraphs make for easier reading.

Publicity. We will publish the article on the Wigwam website and possibly the Yes to Life website. We will also publicise the blog through Yes to Life Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media accounts. Yes to Life reserve the right to request changes to a blog if it is not in line with the charity’s objectives; Yes to Life may also delete blogs in the future.

So what about it? Do get in touch with an idea and we are happy to discuss. At the moment we already have quite a number in the pipeline to publish but we are always looking for more.


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