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Flourish Magazine: Poetry – Holiday Thoughts by Sheran Joy

30 Oct 2023

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As part of each issue of Flourish Magazine, we release weekly digital content alongside our free print magazine, on the Artlift and Yes to Life blogs. This is often content we couldn’t fit into the magazine’s limited pages, or film and music, but loved and wanted to show the world.  

This issue of Flourish Magazine was on the theme of ‘Movement’, with submissions from those living with or beyond cancer received through an open call for creative responses to the theme.  

This week’s instalment is a hilarious poem by Sheran Joy about getting ready for a holiday when you’re going through cancer.

Read the print magazine online for free here, and watch this space for more digital content!


Holiday Thoughts
by Sheran Joy

Here I’m sat 

Proud and flat  

But not needing to share their demise 


I’ve discovered bandeau 

With inserts in tow 

Employing the art of disguise 


I’m back at the gym  

To try get the lower end thin 

Ready to go forth flat and shine  


For now prothesis will do  

So’s not to resemble Winnie the Poo 

So beach ready, no one else knows they’re not mine!  


My nails are now strong 

I’m growing them long 

Rediscovering the glamorous me  


I hold my head high 

False nips point to the sky 

No ageing boobs knocking my knee! 


I’ve embraced ‘chemo curl’  

Well I’ll give it a whirl  

Dreaming of sea salt tousled tresses 


My brows are tattooed  

I’m feeling renewed  

Sporting bright, bold printed dresses 


Yes my meds make me ache 

My mobility’s not great 

Hot flushes – yeah they’re a pain  


But Cancer we’re done 

Now to follow the sun  

Right let’s go – get me on board that plane!